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Medical Insurance Quotes Online

By: Howard Kaufman

When seeking to obtain medical insurance quotes online, it is important to keep in mind a few things when evaluating your options:

Don't just look the amount of your monthly premium. Many people get fixated and blind sighted by this number. It is easy to be beguiled into thinking that the monthly premium dollar amount - the amount that you write that check payable to your health insurance company every month - is how much your insurance costs.

What you need to be looking at is the big picture. When shopping around for medical insurance quotes online, the question you should be asking yourself is: What is my total cost of health care going to be if I choose this health insurance plan?

So as you research various medical insurance quotes online, you really should be looking for the following information. Get out that calculator, because you will need to do some basic arithmetic to compute your total cost of health care, over the course of one year.

1. Take the monthly premium and multiply it by 12. This is the total amount of money you would be spending in one year just to maintain health insurance coverage.
2. Take the total annual deductible for your household that you anticipate you might use up and add it to the above number. (If unsure, just use the maximum amount.)
3. Now, calculate, on average, how many times you and your dependents anticipate that you will be visiting a doctor and will need to pay copays. Multiple this number times the dollar amount of your office visit copay. Add the result to the running total from step #2 above.
4. Next, calculate, on average, how often and what types of prescription drugs you will be requiring over the course of the year. Do you know how much your copay for the prescriptions are? Calculate the total cost you will be spending on prescription drugs in one year. Add this to your running total.

This number doesn't even take into account those items that are not covered by the specific insurance plan. Nor does it take into account any amount of coinsurance you may have to pay. The point is that, your true cost of health care is what you should be comparing when seeking medical insurance quotes online, not just the monthly premium.

In some cases, you may be better off with a higher monthly premium if it means not having to pay a deductible or coinsurance. Or, in some cases, you may be better off with the lower monthly premium, if it means that you have a higher deductible and are less likely to use it up.

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Medical Insurance Quotes Online

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Auto Insurance Company Ratings: What Is Your Insurer Rated?

By: Elle

Is it really important to search out the rankings among auto insurance companies? When purchasing auto insurance, you are absolutely want to be sure that you are getting the right coverage from the right company. Checking auto insurance company ratings is one of the best ways to find good insurance provider.

Ratings are the results of large surveys on auto insurance. In most cases, people who have had their experiences with different insurance providers are asked to rate these companies based on various areas. Some of the areas you need to consider when looking for ideal car insurance provider may include the multiple coverage options being offered, reasonable rates, good handling of claims, overall customer satisfaction and others.

Remember that these ratings are not absolute and are basically the opinions of a number of consumers. Hence, it does not represent the whole consumer base. Furthermore, some ratings on auto insurance have its own limitations and you have to better understand these limitations. The better you understand it, the better you can use this as your guide to make an absolute decision.

Ratings are also limited to a certain area or vicinities therefore the top scorers may not be available in your area. It also reflects the perceptions of the average consumer of the insurance company and its service and it does not assure any of its kind. You have to be opened to the possibility that you may have had bad experience dealing with a particular company, other consumers may experience different.

Ratings can also produce inaccurate results especially if it is based on false surveys. These are those surveys that do not verify any ownership of the services or products being surveyed from the respondents. Rating companies may do this by asking random potential respondents for their opinions with regards to the services of a particular insurance company. Even without the assurance of that respondent if he or she is actually uses that insurer.

When a particular auto insurance company is well known, it does not necessarily mean that if offers great customer service. Being a smart consumer, you have to do your own home work. Do your own research before making a smart decision to which insurer to buy your policies from.

A particular insurance company that offers low cost car insurance may not provide you quality service. Most especially if you are having a hard time reaching the company to answer your queries or deal with your concerns. You also have to make sure that you will choose a company that will handle the claims promptly and fairly when you get involved in an accident.

When choosing the right auto insurance company, part of the process is to get quotes from various car insurance providers. This is the ideal step to start and when the time you already have this quotes you can compare and start rank the companies yourself.

Insurance experts recommend that all consumers must compare rates from multiple insurance companies every six months to make sure that their rates are competitive. A few minutes of research can lead you to a undreds or even thousands of savings on car insurance.

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Life Insurance – Classified and Defined

By: heenu

Life insurance is not a new term. It’s in the Indian market for the past so many years. Privatization promoted it more. So, today most of us can nod their heads when asked if they have heard the name life insurance; but their won’t be many who would be able to explain what life insurance actually means. Ask them, do they know what kind of insurance policies are found in the market. Let me give you a brief idea about it: 

The first kinds are known as variable life insurance policies. With adjustable premiums or level coverage, these are best for the people whose income varies. These are typically good for business people who are habitual of loss and profit. These are also suitable for long term obligations and those willing to assume higher risks for sudden and drastic reduction in benefits. 

The second kind are single premium or whole life insurance policies. These are level policies with fixed premiums, providing level coverage and subsequent returns. In this kind of policy cash value generally increases with the increase in profit margin of the insurance company. This kind of policy is generally good for those who can invest a large amount of money – say Rs 30,000 – 50,000/- minimum in one slot. 

The third kind are known as level term polices. These come with predecided fixed term or periods of insurance like 5, 10, 15, 20… years. In this the sum assured and benefits are generally paid on the death of the insurer. These kind of policies are generally used for funding buy – sell agreements and key man insurance. It is also taken by people involved in high risk jobs like aviation, skiing and army personnel. 

The fourth kind is known as decreasing term insurance policies. These are best suited for financial obligations which reduce with time such as mortgages. 

The fifth and the last category of life insurance are known as annual renewable term policies. In this the premium amount increases with the increasing term of the policy providing level coverage. These are good wherein the financial obligations remain limited or less for a short duration of time. Child policies are the best example in this category. 

Hopefully, this has given you a better understanding of what kind of insurance are generally sold in the market. By now you must have got a fair idea of insurance. This must help you in taking the decision for taking a policy. To have a better understanding of Life Insurance, log on to the various insurance websites, call on the insurance advisor and choose the one which suits you best. 

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Low Rate Car Insurance Quote

By: Obinna Heche

In times when the economy is down and finances are tough, it is imperative to locate ways to reduce their regular payments in order to stay within their fiscal boundaries. It is at times like these that a review of certain mandatory expenses should be checked. One such expenditure to examine is your automobile insurance. One place that is easy and quick to reduce monthly expenses is by checking a low rate car insurance quote by reviewing your current policy. 

The first step in securing low rate car insurance is to visit internet sites that offer free quotes. It is possible to quickly reduce your monthly expenses by comparing rates with many different insurance companies. Furthermore, obtaining a low rate car insurance policy online is easy and takes less than a few minutes time. 

When you have located a low rate car insurance policy that will meet your needs and is within your budget, you can set the effective date of coverage, now or in the future. This will allow you to cancel your current policy, and in some cases you may be due a refund of paid premiums. There is no requirement that you must wait until your current policy expires before making your new low cost insurance policy effective. This is because all insurance policies are written for present coverage and are pre-paid on a daily basis. If you cancel your policy, prior to the expiration date, you are entitled to a refund of premiums not used. 

You can secure a low rate car insurance policy that will suit your needs and budget as well as protect you simply by clicking on may free quote links on the internet. Due to the move of many insurance companies to solicit new customers on the internet, competition for your business is fierce. In the very competitive field of low rate car insurance, the consumer wins with a better premium amount. 

The competitive nature of insurance companies has also helped consumers realize cheaper insurance premiums. Although the majority of costs on everyday products have increased as much as 15% this previous year, the average insurance premium has increased less than 3%. This financial benefit makes it feasible and good economic sense to shop around for low rate car insurance. The online quotes are free and takes very little time to fill out the forms. If you find a policy that is suitable for your needs and saves you money, you can purchase the policy and print out your insurance papers immediately. Take a moment now and see how much you can save on a low rate car insurance policy, it might just help you through these tough economic times.

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Life Insurance Plan as Fixed Deposit

By: heenu

Not all life insurance plans give fixed benefits, especially if it’s a ULIP. Still, there are life insurance policy which work out as fixed deposits of bank. These come under the category of life insurance plans with fixed or guaranteed plans. Often these are known as Endowment plans. 

In this kind of life insurance plan you can make a once in a life time payment of the premium and reap the benefits. In this kind of insurance plan the maturity benefit you receive depends on the term selected and the amount paid as one time premium. Generally, this kind of insurance has the minimum age of insurance as 18years and maximum time as 60years. The total age covered is upto 75 years. The term for insurance generally is 5, 7, and 15 or 20 years, you can choose the term as per you capability. 

This kind of life insurance is good as one can also take loan on the basis of this policy. However, for the first 3 years of taking policy you cannot take the loan. On the completion of the 3 year term, one can take the loan. The amount of loan approved depends entirely upon the number of years the policy has been taken. 

In this kind of plan the life insurance cover increases every year to combat inflation. The life insurance plan also provides enhanced Accident Rider. This feature makes it a very good plan for those with low incomes and those who can invest a large amount once in a lifetime. Those who have also have a number of dependents, should also take this policy. 

Generally, the premiums paid for the insurance qualify for tax rebate under Sec 88 of Income Tax Act, 1961 and the returns are fully exempted under Sec 10(10D). So, invest in an insurance policy and make your future life as easy as possible. 

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A number of Life Insurance Company like ICICI Prudential, HDFC Standard and Aegon Religare offer such insurance policies. Though all of them vary a little in terms of presentations, guidelines and benefits, still all of them work on the same base line as proposed by IRDA.

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